Ceres Prison Commercial Solar Water Heating and Photovoltaic System

Vusela Construction, Solarzone, Vortex Plumbing – 50kL high Pressure tanks with 720m² flat plate collector

Short Description of the company

Solarzone (Pty) Ltd is a company based in Cape Town, which specializes in planning and selling of high quality solar water heating and photovoltaic systems (solar electric). Solarzone (Pty) Ltd was established in 2006.

The Southern African market offers a great business opportunity for solar energy technology by having the obvious advantage of abundant solar radiation and a complete underdeveloped and underestimated consumer potential. There has been a very positive response to the new standard of technology that we are bringing to Southern Africa since Solarzone (Pty) Ltd was established..

The vision of Solarzone is to establish partnerships with companies from a wide variety of business sectors in Southern Africa in order to realize solar projects together. Our target market is very wide, but the main focus is large scale applications in the commercial, industrial and hospitality sector. The focus is to supply solar installations to hotels, schools, hospitals, stadiums, residential buildings and housing developments.

The clients are trained by us to install and maintain our products. We intend to work very closely together with local government on realizing key projects. Solarzone (Pty) Ltd aims to supply the whole range of solar systems, but also to increase and to transfer the knowledge of solar energy and its benefits to all people in Southern Africa.

For more information about our company – please visit our website www.solarzone.co.za

Characteristic’s of the System

As a subcontractor of Vusela Construction, Solarzone and Vortex Plumbing completed after 4 years total construction time the last Phase of the SWH System in 2013. The company specialises in integrated energy strategies for large scale, commercial solar water heating and photovoltaic systems.

The 720m² of flat collectors are split in three systems:

  1. Block E with 144m², 10000 Litre Storage
  2. Block F with 288m², 20,000 Litre Storage
  3. Block A with 288m², 20,000 Litre Storage

All systems have a heat pump backup, the system at Block A , has additional a instant water heater backup as well.

All collectors are connected in banks of 6 serial and then parallel. The system is filled with a glycol mix to protect it against frost. The tanks in the system will be heated up indirect through to the heat exchangers. Through to the external heat exchangers banks which working in master slave combination and with variable speed pumps, continuous the water is warmed and distributed to the banks of tanks.

For more information feel free to contact us – info@solarzone.co.za