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Who Will Benefit From This Course

This unique digital self study course has been designed for engineers, architects, contractors, specifiers and individuals who are involved with, or have a keen interest in Solar Hot Water technology. Course content is intended to expose candidates to the calculations, components, and design of large scale solar hot water systems.

What is the intended outcome

The objective is to empower you as individual to do the following:

  • Have an advanced understanding and insight into the Solar Hot Water Technology
  • Enable you to size and design a large scale Solar Hot water System
  • To be able to design and configure the collector area layout & flow
  • To do a full financial analysis and reporting on ROI
  • Comprehensive training on the RETSCREEN software for sizing Solar Thermal Systems


The course is broken down into the following modules:

  • World Energy Report, Process Heat
  • Collector Materials & Performance
  • Building Integration, Thermal Storage & System Components
  • RETSCREEN Software Training & Designing
  • Detailed Design & Homework
  • South African Case Studies Discussions



How relevant is it to South Africa

Reference is made to locally installed & operational Large Scale Solar Thermal systems. These referenced systems are evaluated, discussed and analysed to facilitate understanding in terms of design, optimization, construction and commissioning.

All about the training Material

The training materials aim to provide a strong theoretical base. Under licence of AEE-INTEC (The Austrian Institute for Sustainable Technologies) the international training material provides the theoretical baseline. However relevant South African information is brought into the training to ensure it's relevant to our conditions and market place. The outcome is a certified CPD curriculum that provides a realistic and current view on the solar thermal installation, market capacity and potential trading environment in SA; giving attendees an understanding of components, system design and construction parameters, commissioning procedures, project planning and calculations pertaining to Solar Thermal systems.

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Sample of Training Video


Sample of the books (Click to download a sample)

Samples of the books used in the training

- Austrian approved Advanced Solar Thermal Training

- Documentary on SA Solar Systems written by Wally