11 February 2015 – DOE announces rebate program continues

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Solar Domestic Hot Water Rebates in SA

The postponed program will continue again

DOE announces another immediate 5,000 rebate systems are available

On 4 February 2015 in Pretoria a media release was issued by the DOE announcing the conditions of the rebate program that will continue. It includes the following:

  • The ESKOM program conditions will continue for another 5,000 systems under the current program conditions.
  • This will facilitate the transition process while DOE implements all the new systems.
  • A new electronic data collection and verification system has been developed by the DOE.
  • From 23 February onwards the DOE will provide training to participants on the new system.
  • The "failed Geyser Market" or insurance claims replacement systems will be accelerated to include Solar especially in the high electricity consumption sector.
  • The FREE SWH systems will also continue under a social program irrespective of the impact on the electricity grid.



  1. We welcome the rebyte project again under the DOE, hope that companies who were installing under the rebyte project accredited by Eskom are not excluded on DOE’s database, same as suppliers. Payment to be issues to be taken serious!

  2. Please take note there has been a further media release for only 5000 units capped. The DOE will then review the way forward.

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